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Is water conservation necessary? Give reasons.Solution in Kannada

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Yes, water conservation is necessary because:
a] Water is the basic necessity of all life forms. Life cannot sustain without water.
b] Even though 71% of the earth.s surface contains water, about 96.5% of this water is contained in oceans and about 2.8% is in the form of ice in glaciers and polar ice caps. Only 0.7% of the total water is in the form of lakes, rivers and groundwater. Thus, the amount of water that can be used for our daily needs is very limited.
c] Water is needed for agriculture, for industries, for domestic purposes like drinking and cleaning, etc.
d] With enormous growth in human population, the demand of water is rising continuously in all sectors.
e] A large amount of water resources are getting polluted from industrial wastes, sewage, leaking of petroleum, etc. and are becoming unusable.
f] The amount of water consumed from the rivers, lakes and underground is much larger than the rate at which they are able to recharge. Hence, these sources are getting depleted at a fast rate.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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