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Explain the addition and substitution reaction with the help of examples. C 2 H 6 undergoes substitution reaction but not addition reaction. Why?Solution in Kannada

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• addition reaction in presence of catalyst to give saturated hydrocarbons.
Example: Hydrogenation of vegetable oil.
• Substitution reaction: In the presence of sunlight other group of atoms can replace hydrogen atoms one by one from carbon compounds.
Example: In the presence of sunlight, Chlorine replaces hydrogen atoms one by one from methane.
C H 4 + C l 2 Sunugnt C H 3 C I + H C I
C 2 H 6 does not undergo substitution reaction because it is saturated hydrocarbon. In C 2 H 6 there will be single bond between carbon atoms. This is not an unsaturated compound. No hydrogen atoms can be added but hydrogen atoms can be substituted.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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