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You are the sales executive of a famous tea company and you have been asked to draft an advertisement for the product. Draft the advertisement using the information you collected for the role play. You can draw pictures or add photographs and make your advertisement colourful

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  • Question 1 - Select One

    A teacher found an advertisement pamphlet for sale of biscuits. She uses it for reading and speaking activities in her class. What do you call the pamphlet?

    AAn authentic text
    BExtra materials
    CNewspaper clipping
  • Question 2 - Select One

    You have to consider the statement and the following assumptions and decide which of the assumptions is implicit in the statement.
    Statement:- "Buy pure and natural honey of company X"-An advertisement in a newspaper says.
    I. No other company supplies pure and natural honey.
    II. People read advertisement.

    Aa. if only Assumption 1 is implicit
    Bb. if only Assumption Il is implicit
    Cc. if either I or II is implicit
    Dd. if neither I nor II is implicit