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Bees make honey because it is their source of nourishment. They also store it for the whole colony of bees they live with. Bees go out in hordes and sip the nectar from flowers. This nectar is used to make the honey. They carry the nectar hack to the beehive in their honey sac. This sac is shaped like a bag and is found at the front of the bee's stomach. It is separated from the stomach by a valve.
The first stage in the honey making process takes place when the nectar is still in the bee's honey sac. The sugar found in the nectar undergoes a chemical change. The next step is evaporation, where water is drained from the nectar. This happens inside the hive as a result of the heat and ventilation. Draining the water from the honey ensures that it can be kept almost indefinitely. Finally, the bees transfer the honey to the honeycomb inside the hive and leave it there to ripen. This is the bees' food store for the future. The taste and appearance of the honey that is produced depends on the type of nectar the bees sip. No two types of honey are exactly the same in colour, texture or taste. Honey is an excellent food for humans. It is rich in energy so it should only be eaten a little at a time, especially if you are diet-conscious. It is sold in bottles in supermarkets, and if you visit a bee farm you may be able to buy farm-fresh honey. It is delicious spread over bread or toast, or as part of an energy drink. It can even be eaten on its own.
Bees use honey as a _____

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