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A ship sends out ultrasound that returns form the seabed and is detected after 3.42s. If the speed of the ultrasound through sea water is 1531m/s, what is the distance of the seabed from the ship ?

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Time between transmission and detection, t = 3.42 s.
Speed of ultrasound in sea water.
v = 1531 m/s
Distance travelled by the ultrasound
= 2 × depth of the sea = 2d
where d is the depth of the sea.
2d = speed of sound × time
= 1531 m/s × 3.42 s = 5236 m
d = 5236 m/2 = 2618 m.
Thus, the distance of the seabed from the ship is 2618 m or 2.62 km.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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