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An object of mass 1kg travelling in a straight line with a velocity of 10m/s collides with, and sticks to, a stationary wooden block of mass 5kg. Then, they both move off together in the same straight line. Calculate the total momentum just before the impact and just after the impact. Also, calculate the velocity of the combined object.

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The correct Answer is:10 kg m s1; 10 kg m s1; 5/3 m s1

Mass of the object, m1=1kg
Velocity of the object before collision, v1=10m/s
Mass of the stationary wooden block, m2=5kg
Velocity of the wooden block before collision, v2=0m/s
Total momentum before collision =m1v1+m2v2
=1(10)+5(0)=10kgms1 ltbr gt It is given that after collision, the object and the wooden block stick together.
Total mass of the combined system =m1+m2
Velocity of the combined object = v
According to the law of conservation of momentum:
Total momentum before collision = Total momentum after collision
The total momentum after collision is also 10 kg m/s.
Total momentum just aftet the impact = 10 kg ms1
Total momentum just after the impact =(m1+m2)v=6×5/3=10kgms1
Hence, velocity of the combined object after collision =5/3ms1

Updated on:21/07/2023

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