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a. The basic of sumilarities and differences between metallic and ionic crystals.
b. Ionic solids are hard and brittle.

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Metallic and ionic crystals
(a) There is electrostatic force of attraction in both metallic andionic crsytals.
(b) Both have high melting points
(c) Bonds are non-directional in both the cases.
Differences :
(a) Ionic crystals are bad conductos of electricity in solids state as ions are not free to move. they can conduct electricyt only in die molten state or in aqueous solution. Metallic crystals are good conductors of electricyt in solid state as electrons are free to move.
(b) Ionic is strong due to strong electrostatic forces of attraction.
Metallic bond may be strong or weak dpending upon the number of valence electrons and the size of the kernels.
(ii) Ionic solids are hard and brittle, ionic solids are hard due to the presence of strong electrostatic forces of attraction. the brittlencss in ionic crstals is due to the non-directional bonds in them.