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Calculate the total pressure in a mixture of 8g of oxygen and 4g hydrogen confined in a vessel of 1dm3 at 27C. (R=0.083bardm3K1mol1)

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The correct Answer is:65.025 bar

Given, mass of dioxygen (O2) = 8 g
Thus, numbe of moles of O2=832=0.25mole
Thus number of moles of H2=42=2 mole
Therefore, total number of moles in the mixture =0.25+2=2.25 mole
V= 1 dm3
n= 2.25 mol
R= 0.083 bar dm3K1mol1
T= 27C=300K
Total pressure (p) can be calculate as :
pV= nRT
=56.025 bar
Hence, the total pressure of the mixture is 56.025 bar.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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