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Identify the terms and their factors in the following expressions Show the terms and factors by tree diagrams. (a) x3 (b) 1+x+x2 (c) yy3 (d) 5xy2+7x2y

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(a) term : x3
factor: x,3
(b)term: 1+x+x2
factor: 1,x,x2:x,x
(c) term: yy3
factor: y,y3:1,y,y,y
(d) term: 5xy2+7x2y
factor: 5x2y:5,x,x,y;7x2y:7,x,x,y
(e) term : ab+2b23a2
factor : ab:1,a,b;2b2:2,b,b;3a2:1,3,a,a