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If 60% people in a city like cricket, 30% like football and the remaining like other games, then what per cent of the people like other games? If the total number of people are 50 lakh, find the exact number who like each type of game.

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People percentage who like cricket =60%
People percentage who like football =30%
People percentage who like other games =100%(60%+30%)=10%
No. of people who like cricket =60% of 50,00,000=60100×50,00,000=30,00,000
No. of people who like football =30% of 50,00,000=30100×50,00,000=15,00,000
No. of people who like other games =10% of 50,00,000=10100×50,00,000=5,00,000
Thus, no. of people who like other games are 5 lakhs.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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