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Study the diagram. The line l is perpendicular to line m (a) Is CE=EG (b) Does PE bisect CG = (c) Identify any two line segments for which PE is the perpendicular bisector. (d) Are these true? (i) AC>EG (ii) CD=GH (iii) BC<EH

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(a) Yes, CE = EG
Since, CE = 2 units and EG = 2 units
Hence, CE = EG.
(b) Yes, PE bisects CG, because CE = EG.
(c) The two line segments for which PE is perpendicular bisector are: BG and DF
(d) Yes, all three points are true
Since, AC = 2 units and FG = 1 units
CD = 1 units and GH = 1 units
BC = 1 units and EH = 3 units.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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