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Three coins are tossed once. Fmd the probability of getting (i) 3 heads   (ii) 2 heads      (iii) atleast 2 heads (iv) atmost 2 heads     (v) no head   (vi) 3 tails(vii) exactly two tails   (viii) no tail  (ix) atmost two tails

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When three coins are tossed once the sample space is given by
∴ Accordingly n(S)=8
It is known that the probability of an event A is given by
P(A)= n ( A ) n ( S )
(i) Let B be the event of the occurrence of 3 heads Accordingly B=HHH
P(B)= n ( B ) n ( S ) = 1 8
(ii) Let C be the event of the occurrence of 2 heads Accordingly C=HHT,HTH,THH
P(C)= n ( C ) n ( S ) = 3 8

Updated on:21/07/2023

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