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Write working principle of cyclotron and with a suitable diagram explain its working. Give any two application of cyclotron.

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Labelled diagram of cyclotron is shown here.
Principle : (i) A positively charged ion can be accelerated to a high energy with the help of smaller values of oscillating electric field by making it to cross the same electric field time and again.
(ii) A charged ion moving perpendicular to a magnetic field describes a circular path.
Working : The join produced at P is accelerated towards the dee D1 which is at a negative potential at the instant. Inside dee D1 the ion describes a semi - circular path with a constant speed (say v) such that radius of circular path is given by r=mvBq and time taken by the ion to describe a semi - circular path t=πrv=πmBq=a constant.
If during this time t the direction of oscillating electric field just gets reversed, the ion will be further accelerated towards dee D2 and describe a bigger semi - circular path inside D2 and so on. If v be the frequency of oscillating electric field, then
or v=Bq2πm
This frequency of oscillating electric field is referred as they cyclotron frequency. From the expression it is clear that the cyclotron frequency
is independent of the speed of the charged particle or radius of semi - circular path described by them.
When the radius of circular path of ion becomes almost equal to the radius of dees, it is taken out through an exit port. If R = maximum radius of ion path then maximum energy aquired by the ion
Application : 1. Cyclotron is used to bombard nuclei with accelerated ions and study the resulting nuclear reactions.
2. It is used to produced radioactive isotopes which are used in hospital for diagnostic and treatment purposes.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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