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Using Bohr's postulates, derive the expression for the total energy of the electron revolving in nth orbit of hydrogen atom. Find the wavelength of Hα line, given the value of Rydberg constant, R=1.1×107m1

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T.E. of an electron in nth orbit of hydrogen atom is sum of the KE and P.E. in the orbit.
i.e. En=KEn+PEn
=.1/2mv2n (Electrostatic pot at nth orbit due nucleus of H) ×(e)
=12e2(4π0)rn+(14π0ern)×(e)=e28π0rne24π0rn=e28π0rn [rn=r2h20πme2]
So En=me48h220n2=2(3.14)2×9.1×1031×(1.6×1019)4J(8.854×1012)2(6.63×1034)2n2
So En=13.6n2eV

Updated on:21/07/2023

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