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The e.m.f of the follwing cell at 198k is 0.1745V,
Calculate the H+ ions concentration of the solution at the electrode where hydrogen is being produced .
(b) Aqueous solution of copper sulphate and silver nitrate are electrolysed by 1 ampere current for 10 minutes in separate electrolytic cells. Will the mass of copper and silver deposited on the cathode be asme or different ? explain your answer.

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The overall reaction can be represented as under
Nerst equation for the reaction may be written as :
Substituting the vlaues we have
log [H+]=5
(b) THe mass of copper and silver depostited at the cathode will be different . The amount of different substances deposited by the same quantity of electricity passing through the electrolytic solution are directly proportional to their chemical eqyivalent. Thus , copper and silver will be deposited in the ratio of 31.75:108

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