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Cyclosporin - an immunosuppressive drug - is produced by


Aspergillus niger


Manascus purpureus


Penicillium notatum


Trichoderma polysporum

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The correct Answer is:D


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Updated on:21/07/2023

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  • Question 1 - Select One

    Cyclosporine-A: an immunosuppressive agent is produced by the fungus

    AClostridium butylicum
    BTrichoderma polysporum
    CAspergillus niger
    DMonascus purpureus
  • Question 2 - Select One

    Cyclosporine-A is an immunosuppressive agent produced by the fungus

    AFusarium graminearum
    BTrichoderma polysporum
    CAspergillus niger
    DChaetomium cellulolyticum
  • Question 3 - Select One

    Cyclosporin A, used as immuno suppression agent, is produced from :

    AMonascus purpureus
    BSaccharomyces cerevisiae
    CPenicillium notatum
    DTrichoderma polysporum