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In Ulothrix/Spirogyra, reduction division (meiosis) occurs at the time of


gamete formation


zoospore formation


zygospore germination


vegetative reproduction

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The correct Answer is:C

(c) In Ulothrix/Spirogyra, meiosis takes place at the time of zygospore germination. It takes place when (+) and (-) plants/filaments results in the formation of diploid zygote (2x). Zygote is tetraflagellated, it secretes a thick wall and becomes non-motile to form diploid zygospore. Under favourable conditions, zygospore undergoes zygotic meiosis to form motile tetraflagellated zoomeiospores or non-motile aplanomeiospores. Each meiospore (haploid) germinates to new filament of (+) (-) strain.

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