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Express each of following as a product of sines or cosines or sine and cosiner. cos 5x+cos 3x


cos 5x+cos 3x


cos 5x cos 7x


siun 7x+sin 3x


sin 5x sin 3x

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(i) We know that cos C + cos D = 2 cos (C+D2) cos (CD2)
cos 5x + cos 3x=2cos (5x+3x2) cos (5x3x2)
=2 cos 4 x cos x.
(ii) We know that cos C - cos D =- 2 sin (C+D2) sin (CD2)
cos 5x - cos 7x =- 2 sin (5x+7x2) sin (5x7x2)
= -2 sin 6x sin (-x) =2 sin 6x sin x
(iii) We know that sin C + sin D =2 sin (C+D2) cos (CD2)
sin 7x + sin 3x = 2 sin (7x+3x2) cos (7x3x2)
= 2 sin 5x cos 2x.
(iv) We know that sin Csin D=2 cos (C+D2) sin (CD2)
sin 5x sin 3x=2 cos (5x+3x2) sin (5x3x2)
= 2 cos 4x sin x

Updated on:21/07/2023

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