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Describe the events taking place during interphase. Answer

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Interphase involves a series of changes that prepare a cell for division. It is the period during which the cell experiences growth and DNA replication in an orderly manner. Interphase is divided into three phases
G1 phase
S phase
G2phase<br>G_(1)phaseItisthestadurgwhichthecellgrowsandpreparesitsDNAforreplication.Inthisphase,thecellismηbolicallyactive.<br>SphaseItisthestadurgwhichDNAsynthesisours.Inthisphase,theamountofDNA(percell)doubs,butthechromosomeνmberremasthesame.<br>G_(2) phase – In this phase, the cell continues to grow and prepares itself for division. The proteins and RNA required for mitosis are synthesised during this stage.