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In any ΔABC, prove that (ab)ccosC2=sin(AB)2

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By the sine rule, we have
asin A=bsin B=csin C=k(sya)
a=k sin A, b = k sin B and c = k sin C.
=(k sin A-k sin B) sin CcosC2=k(sin A-sinB)k sin CcosC2
=sin A - sin Bsin CcosC2=2cos(A+B)2sin(AB)22sinC2cosC2cosC2 [(sin C- sin D)=2cos(C+D)2sin(CD)2]
=cos(π2C2)sin(AB)2sinC2 [A+B2=(π2C2)]
Hence, (ab)ccosC2=sin(AB)2.