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Anil wants to invest at the most Rs.12000 in bonds. A and B. According to rules, he has to invest at least Rs.2000 in Bond A is 8% per annum and on Bond B, it is 10% per annum, how should he invest his money for maximum interest ? Solve the problem graphically.

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The correct Answer is:The interest is maximum at E(2000,10000) and it is Rs. 1160.

Maximize Z=8x100+10y100=(2x25+y10)subject tox2000,y4000andx+y12000. Draw the graphs of x=2000,y=4000andx12000+y12000=1.
Shade x2000,y4000andx12000+y120001to giveΔBEF.
Values of (2x25+y10) at B, E and F are respectively 560, 1160 and 1040. So it is maximum at E(2000,10000).

Updated on:21/07/2023

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