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Find the lengths of the major and minor axes, coordinates of the vertices and the foci, the eccentricity and length of the latus rectum of the ellipse:

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The given equation of the ellipse may be written as
This is of the form x2b2+y2a2=1, where a2>b2.
So, it is an equation of a vertical ellipse.
Now, (b2=25anda2=100)(b=5anda=10).
Thus, a = 10 , b=5 and c=53.
(i) Length of the major axis = 2a=(2×10) units = 20 units.
Length of the minor axis = 2b=(2×5) units = 10 units.
(ii) Coordinates of the vertices are A(0, -a) and B(0, a), i.e., A(0, -10) and B(0, 10).
(iii) Coordinates of the foci are F1(0,c)andF2(0,c),i.e.,F1(0,5)3)andF2(0,53).
(iv) Eccentricity, e=ca=5310=32.
(v) Length of the latus rectum = 2b2a=(2×25)10 units = 5 units.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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