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Esamine whether the following statements are true or false :
(i) {a,b} cancel(sub) {b,c} (ii) {a} in {a,b,c}
(iii) {phi} sub {a, b, c } <br>(iv){a,e} sub {x:x " is a vowel in the English alphabet "}<br> (v) {x:x in W, x+5 =5}=phi<br>(vi) a in {{a} , b}<br>(vii) {a}{{a},b}
(x) {a,b,a, b,a,b...} is an infinte set.<br>(ξ)IfA=setofallsofunitradiusaplaandB=setofallsthesameplathen A sub B.

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The correct Answer is:(i) False
(ii) False
(iii) False
(iv) True
(v) False
(vi) False
(vii) False
(viii) False
(ix) True
(x) False
(xi) True.

(ii) a{a,b,c} is true, So, {a},{a,b,c} is a false.
(iii) ϕ{a,b,c} is true and {ϕ}{a,b,c} is false.
(iv) {a,e}{a,e,i,o,u} is true.
(v) {x:xW,x+5=5}={0}.
(vi) {{a},b} has two elements , namely {a} and b.
(vii) {a}{{a},b}. So {a},{{a},b} is false.
(viii) {b,c}{a,{b,c}}. So , {b,c}{a,{b,c}} is false
(ix) Repetition of elements in a set has no meaning.
(x) Given set ={a,b}, which is finite.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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