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The Cartesian equations of a line are 6x -2 =3y +1 =2z-2
(a) Write these equations in standard form and find the direction cosines of the given line.
( b) Write down the Cartesian and vector equations of a line passsing through (2,-1,1) and parallel to the given line.

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(a) The given equations may be written as
(x13)1=(y+13)2=(z1)3[on dividing each by 6]
This is the standard form of the given equations in Cartesian form. The direction rations of the given are 1,2,3
Also 12+22+32=14
So the direction cosines of the given line are 114,(2)/(sqrt(14)) ,(3)/(sqrt(14))<br>TherequiredlepassesthroughthepA(2,1,1) and it is parallel to the line having directions rations 1,2,3.
The equations of this line in Cartesian form are given by
The position vector of the point A is r=(2ˆiˆj+ˆk)
The required line is parallel to the vector m=(ˆi+2ˆj+3ˆk)
So its equations in vector form is
Thus the Cartesian and vector forms of equations of the desired line are given by (i) and (ii) respectively .

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