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Answer the following in not more than 30 words: (i) Discuss the major trends of modern industrial activities especially in the developed countries of the world.

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Traditional large scale industries were based on heavy industry, often located near coal-fields and engaged in metal smelting, heavy engineering, chemical manufacture or textile production. These industries are now known as smokestack industries. With modernization, there has been changes in industrial sector which have led to the decay of some areas, and there are problems of industrial waste and pollution. The future prosperity of these traditional areas has shifted from their traditional activities to high technology, or simply high-tech, which is the latest generation of manufacturing activities. It is best understood as the application of intensive research and development (R and D) efforts leading to the manufacture of products of an advanced scientific and engineering character Robotics on the assembly line, computeraided design (CAD) and manufacturing, electronic controls of smelting and refining processes, and the constant development of new chemical and pharmaceutical products are notable examples of a high-tech industry, Neatly spaced, low, modern, dispersed. office-plant-lab buildings rather than massive assembly structures, factories and storage areas mark the .high-tech industrial landscape. The Silicon Valley near San Francisco and Silicon Forest near Seattle are examples of technopolies. The traditional industrial regions have shifted their focus from traditional large scale industries to assembly plants (footloose industries), new chemical plants, universities, out of town shopping centres etc.

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