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Compare the formation of vascular cambia in dicot stem and dicot root.

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Vascular cambium in dicot stem : In origin, it is partly primary and partly secondary. The primary component is called intrafascicular cambium. It is found inside the vascular bundle between the xylem and the phloem . Secondary part of vascular cambium called interfascicular cambium . It develops in the form of strips at the level of intrafascicular cambium. The parenchymatous cells of this region turn meristematic by dedifferentiation. This division leads to joining of the two types of cambia for formation of a complete ring of vascular camium.
Vascular cambium in dicot root : Part of conjunctive parenchyma or tissue below the phloem bundles dedifferentiates to form brick-shaped cells of vascular cambium. The process extends laterally between the cells of xylem and phloem bundles. Finally portion of the pericycle in contact with protoxylem becomes meristematic producing a complete continuous ring of wavy vascular cambium.

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