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Describe regeneration in Planaria.

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Regeneration in Planaria.
When the anterior end of Planaria is cut along the length into two more parts, each part develops into a new head, resulting in a many headed planaria.
If the body is cut into three, four or more pieces, each piece regenerate the missing parts. A noteworthy observation in this case is that a piece from the middle always regenerates a head towards its anterior side and tail towards its posterior side. In other words, each piece maintains its original polarity. A possible explanation of this fact is that in Planaria, the metabolic activity and hence capacity for regeneration, is the greatest at the anterior end, gradually decreases posteriorly and is minimum at the posterior end. Correspondingly, the anterior end of each piece, having greater metabolic activity, regenerates anterior part of the body and the posterior end remain as such.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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