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What is baking soda ? How is it prepared ? Give its important properties and uses.

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Baking soda is sodium hydrogen carbonate or sodium bicarbonate. Its chemical formula is NaHCO3.
Preparation. Sodium hydrogen carbonate is prepared in the laboratory by passing carbon dioxide through a cold saturated solution of sodium carbonate.
Na2CO3Sodium carbonate+H2O+CO22NaHCO3Sodium bicarbonate
Because of its low solubility, it separates out as white crystals.
It is also manufactured as a primary product in the Solvay process for the manufacture of washing soda.
1. Sodium bicarbonate is white crystalline solid.
2. It is soluble in water and its aqueous solution is alkaline in nature.
3. On heating, sodium bicarbonate gets converted into sodium carbonate with the evolution of carbon dioxide gas.
2NaHCO3Sod. bicarbonateHeatNa2CO3+CO2+H2O
Since carbon dioxide is given off on heating, it is used as a constituent of baking powder to aerate the dough.
Uses of Baking Soda
1. It is mainly used in the preparation of baking powder. Baking powder contains sodium hydrogen carbonate and an acid like tartaric acid or citric acid.
2. It is used in medicines to remove acidity of the stomach. Therefore, it is an important constituent of an antacid.
3. It is used in the manufacture of aerated water (soda water).
4. Sodium bicarbonate is also used in fire extinguisher.