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What are cartesian sign conventions used in spherical mirror ? What is the mirror formula ?

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The modern cartesian sign conventions are :
(i) All the rays are drawn from left to right.
(ii) All distances are measured from the pole of the spherical mirror.
(iii) The distances measured in the direction of the incident light are taken as positive and those measured in a direction opposite to the direction of incident light are taken as negative.
(iv) The heights measured upwards and perpendicular to the principal axis of the mirror are taken as positive and vice versa.
Since the object is always placed on the left of the mirror, u is always negative.
If u is the distance of object and v the distance of image from pole of the mirror, then
1 f = 1 v - 1 u
2 R = 1 v + 1 u
or 1 f = 1 v + 1 u