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Explain the Rutherford experiment on the scattering of alpha particles and state the conclusion drawn from the result.

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Experimental arrangement
The schematic diagram of scattering of α-particles is shown in Fig.
B is a block of lead having a thin tunnel. This tunnel terminates into a hole H inside the block. The radiun source emits α-particles in all directions. Most of α-particles are absorbed by the lead block. A thin pencil of α-rays comes out of the tunnel and falls on a gold foil. The gold atoms scatter the α-particles. When scattered α-particles fall on a screen S coated with zinc sulphide (ZnS), they produce flashes. These flashes are observed through the telescope T. Particles scattered through different angles can be observed by rotating the ZnS screen along with the telescope.
Observations. (i) Most of the α-particles were scattered by small angles of the order of a few degrees.
(ii) Some α-particles were scattered in the backward direction i.e. by angles more than 90.
(iii) A few of α-particles were reflected nearly straight back.
Conclusion. (i) Since a large number of α-particles suffer practically no deviation, it means that major portion of atom is empty space.
(ii) The scattering of α-particles through large angle showed that these α-particles experienced a very strong electric force of repulsion. This indicates that the entire +ve charge of atom is confined in a small part of the volume of atom.
(iii) The backward scattering of α-particles shows that most of the mass of atom concentrated in a small protion of the volume of the atom.

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