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Drive expression for the total resistance of a circuit in which a few resistors are connected in parallel.

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Resistance in parallel. Resistances are said to be connected in parallel if one end of each resistance is connected at one point and other end is connected to another point so that the potential difference across each resistance is the same. However, current passing through each resistance is a part of the total current.
As shown in the figure.
Let R1,R2andR3 be three resistances connected in parallel and I1,I2andI3 be currents flowing through R1,R2andR3 respectively.
I=total current flowing between A and B.
V=potential difference difference across A and B.
It is clear that
I=I1+I2+I3 . . . (1)
Since the potential difference across R1,R2andR3 is the same i.e., V, according to Ohm.s law.
I1=VR1,I2=VR2andI3=VR3 . . . (2)
If Rp is equivalent resistance of the parallel combination, then,
I=VRp . . (3)
Putting (2) and (3) in (1) we get
or 1Rp=1R1+1R2+1R3 . . . (4)
Thus we find that when a number of resistances are connected in parallel, the reciprocals of the resultant resistance is equal to sum of the reciprocal of individual resistances.
It there are n resistances each equal to .R. and if these are in parallel, then resultant is given by :
1Rp=1R+1R+1R+...n times
Thus effective resitances decreases.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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