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Santosh wants to invest a maximum of Rs. 150,000 in saving certificates and national saving bonds. Which are in denominations of Rs. 4000 and Rs. 5000. respectively . The rate of interest on saving certificate is 10% per annum, and the rate of interest on national saving bond is 12% per annums. Forulate the above formation as a linear programming problem.

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The correct Answer is:4x+5y150andx>0,y0

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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    AMaximize z=0.08x+0.09y subject to x+y50000,x15000,y20000,x0,y0
    BMaximize z=0.08x+0.09y subject to x+y50000,x15000,y20000,x0,y0
    CMaximize z=0.08x+0.09y subject to x+y50000,x15000,y20000,x0,y0
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    ARs. 750
    BRs. 75
    CRs. 625
    DRs. 62.50
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    ARs. 7200
    BRs. 48000
    CRs. 50000
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    ARs. 2
    BRs. 2.10
    CRs. 2.20
    DRs. 2.30

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