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(a) Name the type of fruit in the bold word and mention the character asked in the question:
Aggregate, Composite, Drupe, Pome, Pepo, Berry, Cypsela, Schizocarp, Follicle, Hesperidium
(i) Coconut, Edible part, (ii) Orange, Placentation, (iii) Coriander, Inflorescence.
(b) Name the type of inflorescence in the bold words and mention the character asked in the question :
Umble, Corymb, Verticillaster, Capitulum, Spike, Cyathium, Capitate, Spadix
(i) Marigold, Fruit, (ii) Euphorbia, Fruit.

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(a) (i) Coconut : Type of fruit : Drupe, Edible part : Endosperm
(ii) Orange : Hesperidium, Placentation : Axile
(iii) Coriander : Cremocarp, inflorescence : Compound umbel
(b) (i) Marigold : Capitulum, Fruit : Cypsela
(ii) Euphorbia : Cyathium, Fruit : Regma (Schizocarpic).

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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