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Differentiate between
(a) Bract and Bracteole (b) Pulvinus and petiole (c) Pedicel and peduncle
(d) Spike and spadix (e) Stamen and staminode (f) Pollen and pollinium

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(a) Bracts : In axil of bracts (small or scaly green structure), flower is borne.
Bracteoles : These are bract like structures borne on the stalk of a flower.
(b) Pulvinus : It represents the leaf base (proximal region) attached to stem. Petiole : It is stalk of leaf.
(c) Pedicel : Stalk of flower is called pedicel.
Peduncle:Stalk of inflorescence is called peduncle.
(d) Spike: Here sessile flowers are borne in acropetal succession on peduncle e.g. Adhatoda.
Spadix: Spadix is like spike and it is enclosed by large bracts called spathe e.g. Colocasia.
(e) Pollen: Pollen grains (microspores) of a flower represent the pollen.
Pollenium : Group of pollen grains together constitute pollenium e.g. Calotropis.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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