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But-1-ene and but-2-ene can be distinguished by


Baeyer's reagent


hot alk. KMnO4


Reductive ozonolysis


Tollen's reagent

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The correct Answer is:B, C

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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    But-1-ene and But-2-ene are

    AGeometrical isomers
    BChain isomers
    CPosition isomers
    DOptical isomers
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    2-methyl propene is isomeric with But-1-ene. They can be distinguished by :

    ABaeyer's reagent
    BAmmorical AgNO3
    CBr2 solution
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    But-2-ene can be obtained by reacting:

    A1,3-dibromopropane with zinc
    Bethyl bromide with sodium
    Cethyl bromide with sodium
    Dn-butyl alcohol with alcoholic KOH
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    But 1 ene and but 2 ene are the example of

    Achain isomerism
    Bposition isomerism
    Cfunctional isomerism
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    Which of the following reagents can distinguish but-1-yne from but-2-yne, but-2-ene and butane?

    Adilute KMnO4
    BBr2 in CCl4
    CBr2 in water
    DAmmoniacal AgNO3

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