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A positive charge of 1.5 μC is moving with a speed of 2×106ms1 along the postive X-axis. A magnetic field, B=(0.2ˆj+0.4ˆk) tesla acts in space. Find the magnetic force acting on the charge. Solution in Tamil

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Here q = 1.5μC = 1.5 ×106 C
Magnetic force on the positive charge is
= 1.5×106[2×106ˆi×(0.2ˆj+0.4ˆk)]
= 3.0[0.2ˆi׈j+0.4ˆi׈k]
=(0.6ˆk1.2ˆj)N [i׈j=ˆk,ˆi׈k=ˆj]

Updated on:21/07/2023

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