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Find the values of x for which the following pair of functions are identical.
(i) f(x)=tan1x+cot1x and g(x)=sin1x+cos1x
(ii) f(x)=cos(cos1x) and g(x)=cos1(cosx)

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(i) f(x)=tan1x+cot1x,xR.
and g(x)=sin1x+cos1x=π2 for x[1,1]
Hence functions are identical if x[1,1].
(ii) f(x)=cos(cos1x) is defined if cos1x is defined for which x[1,1].
g(x)=cos1(cosx) is defined if cosx[1,1], which is true xR. So, domain is R.
Thus, common domain of two functions is [1,1].
f(x)=x and g(x)=x for [1,1].

Updated on:21/07/2023

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