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What are the biological importance of proteins ?

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Protein are the funtical units of living things play role in all biogical proceeses .
(i) All biochemical reactions occurs in the living systems are catalysed by the catalytic proteins called enzymes .
(ii) Proteins such as keratin, collagen acts as structural back bones.
(iii) Proteinsare used for transporting molecules (Haemoglobin), organelles (Kinesins ) in the cell and control the movement of molecules in and out of the cells (Transporters).
(iv) Antibodies help the body to fight various diseases.
(v) Proteins are used as messengers to coordinate many functions. Insulin & glucagon controls the glucose level in the blood.
(vi) Protein act as receptors that detect presence of certain signal molecules and activate the proper response.
(vii) Proteins are also used to store metals such as iron (Ferritin) etc.

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