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Discuss about the hydrolysis of salt of weak acid and weak base and derive pH value of the solution.

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(i) Consider the hydrolysis of ammonium acetate
(ii) In that case both the cation (NH+4)and(CH3COO) anion have the tendency to react with water
(iii) the nature of the solution depends on the strength of acid (or) base i.e., if Ka>Kb then the solution is acidic andpH<7 if Ka<Kb then the solution is basic and pH and pH>7. IF Ka=Kb then the solution is neutral.
(iv) the relation between the dissociation constant Ka,Kb and hydrolysis constant is given by the following expression.
(v) ph of the solution pH=7+12pKa12pKb

Updated on:21/07/2023

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