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Answer the following questions briefly:
(i) What are reducing sugars?
(ii) What is meant by denaturation of a protein?
(iii) How is oxygen replenished in our atmosphere?
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Reducing sugar: All those carbohydrates which reduce Fehling.s solution and Tollens. reagent are referred to as reducing sugars. All monosaccharides whether aldose or ketose are reducing sugars.
(ii) Denaturation of a protein: When 2and3 structure of a protein is destroyed due to the physical changes like temperature, change in pH, it is called denaturation of a protein. Example: Coagulation of egg white on boiling.
(iii) We take oxygen atmosphere and release CO2. Plants take up CO2andH2O from the atmosphere to prepare their food in the presence of sunlight and release O2, thus O2 is replenished in atmosphere.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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