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Across Down 1. Angle P is 30 degrees and angle Q is 60 degrees 1. The two non-adjacent angles which are not alternate is 2. The line intersecting two or more lines at different points is 3. Union of two rays 6. Straight lines intersecting at right angles 4. Sum of these angles is 180 degrees 8. Non-intersecting lines 5. Geometrical instrument 10.The two interior non-adjacent angles which lie on either side of the transversal is 7. Unit for measuring angles 11.The rays which form the angle are 9. The common point of the arms of an angle

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The correct Answer is: Across Down 1. Complementary 1. Corresponding 2. Transversal 3. Angle 6. Perpendicular 4. Supplementary 8. Parallel 5. Protractor 10.Alternate 7. Degrees 11.Arms 9. Vertex

Updated on:21/07/2023

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