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Find the distance of the point (1,0,3) from the plane xyz=9 measured parallel to the line x22=y+22=z66.

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The equation of the given plane is
The equation of the given line is
The equation of the line passing through the point P(1,2,3) and parallel to the (ii) is given by
x12=y+23=z36=λ (say).
The general point on line (iii) is (2λ+1,3λ2,6λ+3).
For some value of λ, let the point Q(2λ+1,3λ2,6λ+3) lie on the plane (i), Then, we have
So, the coordinates of Q are
Q(27+1,372,67+3), i.e., Q(97.117,157).
Distance PQ =(971)2+(117+2)2+(1573)2
Hence, the requrired distance is 1 unit.