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(a) State in brief the functions of the following organs in the human female reproductive system: Ovary, Fallopian tube.
(b) What is menstruation? Why does it occur?
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Funtion of follopion tube : (i) Producation of female gamete.
(ii) Producation of female hormone
Function of follopian tube:
(i) Site of fertilization
(ii) Transfer of female gamets from ovary
Function of uterus:
(i) Iinplantation of zygote fertilizes the egg.
(ii) Nourishment to the developing embryo
Menstruation : It is the periodic breakdown of uterine lining and it is removed along with blood & mucous in human female uterine lining is required to nourish the embryo that is formed if fertilization takes place. In absence of fertilization the lining is not requirea and hence is shed in the from of menstruation.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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