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A ray of light is incident on a right-angled isosceles prism parallel to its base as shown in the figure. Refractive index of the material of the prism is 2 . Then which of the following statement (s) is // are true? Solution in Bengali


a) The reflection at P is total internal.


b) The reflection at Q is total internal.


c) The ray emerging at R is parallel to the ray incident at S.


d) Total deviation of the ray is 150

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The correct Answer is:A, C

Considering refraction at point S , sin 45 sin r = 2
or , r = 30
Critical angle , θ c sin - 1 ( 1 2 ) = 45
Since angle of incidence at point P is 75 and is greater than θ c so light rays will totally internaily reflected at point P. Since angle of incidence at point Q is less than θ c , ray of light is partially reflected and refracted. As the reflected ray QR is parallel to the ray SP, light ray at point R is emerged from the prism parallel to the incident ray at point S.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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