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What is greenhouse effect? Explain global warming.Solution in Telugu

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Green house effect : Earth will absorb heat radiation and reradiate heat energy of longer wave length . This longer wave length heat radiation is reflected back to earth due to green house gases such as Carbondioxide [CO2], Methane (CH4), Chlorofiurocarbons, Ozone (O3), etc . As a result temperature of earth satmosphereisuallycreasing.<br>Thisisknownasgreen house effect.<br>Globalwarming:Earthreceivesheatergydurgdaytimeomsun.Itreradiatesheatergytheformoflonrectromagticwaves.<br>Butduepresenceofgreenhousegasesthelonrectromagticwaveswererefctedbackearth.Asaresttemperatureofearth s atmosphere is gradually increasing.
This process will increase with the increased content of green house gases in atmosphere . As a result temperature of reaths atmosphere increases gradually.

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