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Which of the following statements is/are correct ?


An aqueous solution of Co(II) thiocyanate (10% freshly prepared) and mercuric nitrate solution taken in equal volumes on stirring the wall of the vessel with a glass rod produce deep-blue precipitate.


White precipitate of Al(OH)3 is soluble in sodium hydroxide as well as in ammonia solution


Green precipitate of Cr(OH)3 readily dissolves in excess of sodium hydroxide forming a green solution


Chromium (III) salts give green coloured borax bead in both oxidising and reducing flame.

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The correct Answer is:A,C,D

(A)Hg2++Co2++4SCNCo[Hg(SCN)4](deep blue), (B)Soluble in NaOHforming [Al(OH)4], not in NH3(aq)
(C )Cr(OH)3(green)+OH[Cr(OH)4](green solution)
(D)Correct statement.

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