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Let ABC be a right triangle in which AB = 6 cm, BC = 8 cm and B=90 . BD is the= perpendicular from B on AC. The circle through B, C, D is drawn. Construct the tangents from A to this circle.

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Given, ABC is a right triangle in which AB=6cm,BC=8cm,B=90andBD is perpendicular to AC.
Steps of Construction :
1. Draw the line segments AB = 6 cm and BC= 8 cm perpendicular to each other. Join AC, thus ΔABC is the right triangle.
2. Take mid-point F of BC as centre, draw a circle with radius 4 cm , passing through B,C and D.
3. Now, join AF and bisect it. Let mid-point of AF is O.
4. Take O as centre and OA as radius, fraw a circle which intersect the given circle (which passes through B,C and D) at B and M.
5. Now, join AB and AM, which are the required tangents.
Justification : Join FM and FB. Then, AMF is the angle lie in semicircle, so
Since, FM is radius of the circle. So, AM has to be tangent of the circle with centre F. Similarly, AB is also a tangent to the circle with centre F.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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