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Find the LCM and HCF of the 26 and 91 and verify that
HCF×LCM = product of the given two numbers.

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Now, HCF=2×2×3=12
and LCM=2×2×3×3×2×2=144
Now HCF × LCM=12×144=1728
and product of two numbers =36×48=1728
Hence, HCF × LCM= product of two numbers. Hence verified
Now, HCF =2×2×5=20
and LCM =2×2×3×5×2×2=240
Now, HCF ×LCM=20×240=4800
and product of two numbers =60×80=4800
Hence, HCF ×LCM=product of two numbers. Hence Verified.
An Important Result
Product of two given numbers=Product of their HCF and LCM
This result is true only for two numbers.

Updated on:21/07/2023

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