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Define gravitational potential energy. Solution in Tamil

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Consider two masses m1andm2 are initially separated by a distance r'. m1 is assumed to be fixed in its position.
(a) ocr_image
To move the mass m2 through an infinitestimal displacement dr from r to r+dr (shown in the Figure above), work has to be done externally. This infinitesimal work is given by
dW=Fext.dr ...(1)
The work is done against the gravitational force, therefore,
=Gm1m2r2 ...(2)
Substituting Equation (2) in (1) we get,
dW=Gm1m2r2ˆrdr ...(3)
And dr=drˆr ...(4)
dW=Gm1m2r2ˆr.(drˆr) ...(5)
ˆr.ˆr=1 (since both are unit vectors)
dW=Gm1m2r2dr ...(6)
Hence the total work done for displacing the particle from r' to r is
W=rr'dW=rr'Gm1m2r2dr ...(7)
W=Gm1m2r+Gm1m2r' ...(8)
where, U(r)=Gm1m2r

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