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A person has a hearing range from 20Hz to 20kHz. What are the typical wavelength of sound waves in sir corresponding to these two frequencies ? Take the speed of sound in air as 344m/s.

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(i) In the first case:
Speed, v=344ms1
Frequency, f=20Hz
And, Wavelength, λ=? (To be calculated)
Now, v=f×λ
So, 344=20×λ
Wavelength, λ=17.2m...(1)
(ii) In the second case:
Speed, v=344ms1
Frequency, f=20kHz
=20×1000Hz (Because 1kHz=1000Hz)
And, Wavelength, λ=? (To be calculated)
Now, v=f×λ
So, 344=2000×λ
Wavelength, λ=0.0172m ...(2)
Thus, the wavelengths of sound in air corresponding to the frequencies of 20Hz and 20 kHz are 17.2m and 0.0172 m respectively.

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Updated on:21/07/2023

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